Sinnotech srl focuses its efforts in fields such as mechatronic complex kinematics and in particular parallel kinematics. We built and patented several multi-axial systems (6 dof plane, 18 dof space) with which it is possible to overcome many limitations of common mechanical systems improving performances such as speed, acceleration, dynamic, force power, energy consumption, etc. All these features are possible at the expense of increased complexity of control so we developed and patented worldwide an electronic control systems expressly devoted to synchronous multi-axial systems. (Luva project).



Luva control (currently at second release) is composed of 4 parts:

  • The electronic board, connected to a PC by a giga-ethernet link (optical or electrical), capable of handling 22 axis (single link configuration), or 22 per n axis with n = number of board in multipoint configuration
  • Electrical interface able to plug  many kind of motor (stepper, brushless, linear, torque, etc.) and many kind of encoder (discrete, sinusoidal, absolute, incremental, etc.)
  • Board specific software
  • Handling mathematical model

The electronic board is very powerful thanks to 4 basic characteristics:

  • It is synchronous and scalar. It is able to be in control of many motors on the same basic clock (terms of scale 10 ns)
  • It is PC-Based. It is easy to configure and program with several languages on several operating system.
  • It is able to work real-time or off-line.

The software platform includes a library to interface the card and the numerical optimization of the mechanical system. It is very versatile and grant to work with ISO command-protocol or import directly the cad-cam document to generate the required command list. This last option is needed to take advantage of all the features we have implemented inside the electronic system.