Sinnotech srl is a young company found in early 2008. Is is part of acceleratore di impresa del polo di Lecco del Politecnico di Milano after winning Startcup PNI 2007 special prize.
Company mission is oriented to invent and develop automated industrial solutions based on parallel kinematic structures. In particular the ability to control dynamically and with high resolution a large number of motors synchronously working. To increase the number of motors raises exponentially the state-space size that means new working positions and an improved system dynamic. Another important feature is the capability to optimize performance reducing inertia and torque. Better performance and soft dynamics are needed to reduce wasted material and power consumption. This technology permits to create new robotic structure but also to upgrade standard used working stations.


To reach its objectives Sinnotech srl is working close to several research centers such as Mechanical and Aeronautical departiment of Politecnico di Milano which is studying the numerical synthesis mechanical model, Astrophysic department of università Statale which develops the electronic control system, ISTEC center for piezoletrical research and la scuola superiore di Sant'Anna for dynamic research, ecc.

These years we have coped with several problems concerning the handle and the development of  parallel kinematic systems.